Extensive specific knowledge and a 50-years productive experience in the field of tank transportation


Strong and effective vehicle force

A fleet of bulk powder tankers and of liquid tankers


Highly specialized staff, regularly trained and up-to-date on the latest standards

Rational and punctual organization system   High flexibility to accommodate our customers’ needs
Competent and complete customer service   Total efficiency, safety and hygiene of all vehicles

EFTCO certified cleaning, washing and decontamination station for tanks, located on our premises and managed by the company


Machine and repair shop for the maintenance of our vehicles located on our premises and managed by the company

24/7 operating system – 365 days a year


Long term collaboration with operational centres in Veneto/Slovenia/Croatia/ Bosnia and Herzegovina


multimodal transport system which reduces environmental impact


Optimization of loading/unloading times and travel distance 


Planning system aiming to reduce any non-productive kilometers


Maximization of the loading capacity thanks to innovative vehicles


15.000 sq. m. area with protected wide parking space

    Conference rooms

Guestrooms in separate lodge for drivers’ breaks and rests.