Due to new regulations of “Poste Italiane concerning the service of “definite date”, from the 1 April 2016 the post office will stop applying the postal marking indicating the delivery date on letters, and post offices will be able to refuse applying the postmark on documents for which the service “definite date” was required.


The postmark will be substituted by  a paper ticket which will be released by the postman himself while delivering the registered item.

This new regulation may cause trouble to companies normally using the “definite date” service for their contracts of carriage and letting papers being postmarked, in conformity with D.lgs. 286/2005. The enterprises can get round the problem if one party sends the contract by certified e-mail to the other subject. The system will automatically generate both the acceptance and the delivery receipts in a cheap and prompt way. If the postmark is required in any case, the company can send a registered letter to itself, making sure not to put the contract in any envelope, but rather sending a registered letter with no envelope.