Ricotto Srl owns a wide range of modern vehicles equipped with advanced anti-pollution systems, which are regularly controlled and updated in order to fulfill all environmental and road safety measures. Our policy aims to reduce air pollution and heavy traffic and to lower environmental impact, thus trying to work for a cleaner and safer world.


We guarantee the most efficient combination between road and multimodal services, while keeping  close to our high quality standards for the whole haulage route.


We periodically integrate our fleet with innovative vehicles which ensure reduced emissions of pollutant.


Our vehicle force includes drawing vehicles/trailers, tractors/semitrailers with multi compartment-, insulated, heated tanks. Each tank has its self-sufficient loading and unloading system.


Every vehicle is equipped with the most modern communication and geo-location technologies and keeps non-stop connection with our operative centre.


We put great care into ordinary repairs and periodical servicing of our vehicles and our safety systems, in order to guarantee punctual delivery of the goods.